I suppose these aren’t so much “frequently asked” as “probably important.”

What is The Grammar Quest?

The Grammar Quest is an RPG game I’m developing in RPG Maker MV to help teach grammar to non-native English speakers.

How much of it is finished?

Well, it’s hard to say.  I have completed (and am testing) the first module.  My hope is to have several modules that all teach different grammar points, connected to a central hub area.

Can I play it?

Sure!  The most current version is (and will remain) available at http://game.thegrammarquest.com.  I’d love to hear your comments and feedback!

Can I use it in my classroom?

Well, probably!  I mean, we’re still testing, but it’s available for free online.  I can’t guarantee everything will work right at this point, but I always need more testing help!  If you’re interested in helping me test and providing feedback, please Contact us.

Can I help?

Also sure!  It’s a big project, and I’m definitely interested in having more contributors join me!  Depending on your level of interest and commitment, there are several different things you could do, from simple testing to designing and adding your own modules to the game!  Please contact me know you’re interested!