A Modal Mystery: Beta 0.7

Okay, so I’ll be using this site to post updates and information about The Grammar Quest.  Currently, only 1 module of the game is complete, which I’m calling A Modal Mystery.  This module is intended to teach Modals to non-native English speakers.  Future modules will focus on various other grammar points.

The most up-to-date version of the game is available at http://game.thegrammarquest.com.  As I continue to update the module and the game, it will continue to be available at this URL.

Some information about the current module:

This module is set on a space ship, and goes through a short murder mystery with 3 quizzes set throughout the story.  Updates available in the current version:

  • Background Music Added!
  • Map Fixes

Future planned updates to this module:

  • More NPCs
  • Greater interactivity with objects on the ship
  • Removal of RPG stat information



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