A Modal Mystery: Beta 0.8

So, I presented the game at Illinois TESOL and Bilingual Education’s 2016 Convention, and while sparsely attended, I think I got some good feedback.

I also got some feedback from my initial testing by Chelsea Racine (Thanks, Chelsea). I’m testing the game in my class at Harper College tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll get some more student feedback after that, too!

I’ve made some updates, and am proud to present Beta 0.8, only a few things different from 0.7, but some things I wanted to add before giving my students access to it tomorrow.

Added more NPC interactions in final section of game.
Added more object interactions in final section of game.
Added control instructions to the introductory text.

Still to do:
Removal of RPG style stats
More NPC and object interactions
More assessment throughout game



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